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img Rajasthan Cultural Tour
Duration : 16 Days / 15 Nights
Destination Covered : New Delhi – Agra – Jaipur – Bikaner – Jaisalmer – Jodhpur Ranakpur – Udaipur – Chittorgarh – Pushkar - Mandawa - New Delhi
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imgFascinating Rajasthan Tour
Duration : 14 Days / 13 Nights
Destination Covered : New Delhi – Agra – Jaipur – Ranthambhore – Kota – Chittorgarh – Dungarpur – Udaipur – Pushkar – New Delhi
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imgMysterious Rajasthan Tour
Duration : 10 Days / 09 Nights
Destination Covered : New Delhi – Agra – Jaipur – Kuchaman - Khimsar – Mandawa – Samode – New Delhi
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imgEnchating Rajasthan Tour
Duration : 13 Days / 12 Nights
Destination Covered : New Delhi – Agra – Ranthambhore – Pushkar – Udaipur - Jodhpur – Jaipur –New Delhi
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Keoladeo Ghana National Park
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Bharatpur, Rajasthan


Sambar, Chital, Nilgai, Boar Painted Storks, Egrets, Cormorants, White Ibis, Jacanas, While Harriers, Fishing Eagles, Pied Kingfisher and Siberian Crane.

Best Season

August to November (for resident breeding birds) and October to February (for migrant birds).

How to Reach

The nearest airport is situated at Agra. Bharatpur is well connected with all the major cities of India by rail as well as by road.

About Keoladeo Ghana National Park (Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary)
Keoladeo Ghana National Park is also popularly called the Bharatpur bird sanctuary. The famous Siberian Crane visits here each winter. With over 380 resident and migrant species of birds, including the Common, Demoiselle besides mammals like Golden Jackal, Jungle Cat, Striped Hyaena, Sambar, Fishing Cat, Nilgai, Blackbuck and wild Boar, this sanctuary has an excellent share of wildlife. Started by the Maharaja of Bharatpur as a private shooting reserve, it covers 29 sq km of kadam forests, grasslands and shallow lakes. The name Keoladeo comes from a nearby ancient Hindu temple, devoted to Lord Shiva. The Keoladeo Ghana National Park in Bharatpur attracts thousands of bird lovers, researchers and ornithologists from all over the world. Besides bird watching, the places of tourist interest for sight seeing in Keoladeo Ghana bird sanctuary are the Bharatpur government Museum, Lohagarh Fort and Deeg Palace.

Rich in flora and fauna, Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary mesmerizes the tourists with the chirrups of rare species of birds. Over 230 species of avian fauna have made Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary their home. During the winter season, Keoladeo National Park is adorned by thousands of migratory birds including rare and highly endangered birds such as the Siberian Crane.

History of Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
Prince Bhamji of Morvi state in Gujarat converted this area into a world famous wildlife reserve. Duck shoots were organised in the area every year by the rulers of Bharatpur, in honour of Viceroy Lord Curzon and his party on 1st December, 1902. The exploits of all visiting dignitaries since 1902 have been engraved on stone plaques standing near the Keoladeo temple. Largest number of birds (4273) were killed on 12th November, 1938, by Lord Linlithgow, Viceroy & Governor General of India and his party. After independence, this reserve was notified as a bird sanctuary but the former rulers of Bharatpur continued to enjoy their shooting rights over the area till 1972. The area was notified as a National Park in 1981 but made effective only in Novemeber,1982.
Conservation efforts originally started by Dr. Salim Ali received a further impetus when the area was deemed a national park in March 1982. In 1985, Bharatpur was accepted as a World Heritage Site.

A hunting ground for the Maharaja, Bharatpur was formed by transformation of the shallow depression created by the union of River Gambhir and River Banganga. This was then formed into a reservoir by damming the rainwater in monsoons. The ultimate result was the formation of a shallow wetland ecosystem, a perfect habitat for birds. The park continued to be a hunting preserve for the Maharaja and the British till 1964.

In the following years, hunting in the area got banned. Plantation of acacias, under a policy of forestation) was followed with a great zeal. However, till date, the ecosystem at the Park is in a delicate state. The culprits behind this are the tourist pressures and water needs of the nearby residing villagers. Some of the bird species continue to live in a state of endangerment, especially the Siberian crane.

Wildlife at Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
The Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary, of Rajasthan, houses approximately 300 species of birds. Amongst them, the most prominent ones are Painted Storks, Open and Spoon Bills, Egrets, Cormorants, White Ibis, Jacanas, While Harriers, Fishing Eagles, Pied Kingfisher, etc. However, the most awaited species of birds is the Siberian Crane. Apart from Iran, India is the only place where this bird migrates in winter. Bharatpur sanctuary remains open throughout the year from sunrise to sunset. There is permission for vehicles to go up to Shanti Kutir, i.e. approximately 1.7 km inside the park. Beyond this point, the options are to walk or take a bicycle or go by a cycle rickshaw. Even tongas and boats are available when the water level is high.

Major wildlife attractions at the Bharatpur Wildlife Sanctuary are its migratory birds which include Cranes, Ducks, Flycatchers, Eagles, Shanks, Wagtails, Warblers, Hawks, Wheatears, Buntings, Larks and Pipits, Pelicans, Stints etc.

Other Attractions in Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
You can experience the charm of Bird Watching inside the park by a rickshaw-ride. Rickshaw pullers are well trained by the park management and take you though the park where you seek your delight of birding. You can also hire a boat and enjoy boating over lake to experience the charm of avifauna inside the park. While in Bharatpur, you have also wonderful opportunity to see other attractions like Bharatpur Government Museum –depicting a glimpse of the past royal splendor of Bharatpur, Bharatpur Palace – a wonderful structural blend of mughal and Rajput architecture – very close to the museum, and Lohagarh Fort – the invincible citadel.

Best Time to Visit Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary
The Bharatpur Park is open throughout the year. Yet, the ideal time to visit this park is:-

  • Between August to November (for resident birds)
  • Between October to February (for migratory birds).

How to reach Keoladeo Ghana National Park
By Air: - The nearest Airport is Agar, in the state of Uttar Pradesh. Agra is 56 km away from Bharatpur. Agra and Bharatpur is well connected by rail and roads.

By Rail: - Bharatpur is well-connected by all the major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, Agra, Jaipur, etc. The Bharatpur Railway Station is 6 km away from the sanctuary.

By Road:- Bharatpur is well connected to all the major cities of Rajasthan and neighboring states like Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Haryana.

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